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Meet our Meerkat Pups born on the farm

11th May 2022

Tapnell Farm Park has been experiencing a bit of a baby boom this last month with chicks born at Easter, harvest mice pups and two Joeys in the wallaby walkabout.

Now, a first for Tapnell farm and the Keepers, we would like to announce that Kolo and Doto, our slender tailed Meerkats, have welcomed some new additions to their family, two adorable meerkat pups (sex currently unknown).

Kolo and Doto's pups emerged from their nest a few days ago, but the keepers have been keeping close watch via a camera and believe the pups to be a few weeks old now. Meerkat pups spend the first 3 weeks hidden away in the nest being tended to by their parents. Now they are bigger and stronger, they get a little more confident and adventurous and are occasionally seen out and about, but only on warmer days at the moment.

For meerkats to become a breeding pair, there must be a strong bond between the two before they mate. The pregnancy lasts about 70-77 days. At birth, the pups are blind and deaf and fully depend on their parents for ten days, then after a few weeks, they begin to explore the world, and will be taught by their parents how to hunt and forage for their food.

Although they are looking healthy and will soon be thoroughly checked over by our local vets, the pups are not out of the woods just yet, with them being so young and vulnerable. But the keepers are happy with their progress and keeping everything crossed for these little ones.

Watch film of our new meerkat pups here

Visitors to the Farm Park may be lucky enough to get a sneak peak, but we cannot guarantee when they will be visible. Hermione's Joey has also been seen out of the pouch venturing around their enclosure, so keep an eye out for this little one too!

For keeper 'pup-dates' on this adorable meerkat duo, keep a lookout on our social media.

Tapnell Farm Park Meerkat pups