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Isle of Wight Football Golf

Get family and friends together and enjoy a kick about on the Island's newest, fun attraction!

Please see opening times and prices below.

Soccer with a difference!

Football Golf is a brand-new standalone Island experience for the whole family to enjoy at Tapnell Farm.

Great inclusive activity, suitable for all ages as long as they can kick a ball!

Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult.

What is Football golf? Football Golf uses the same rules as golf but instead players don’t use a club, they kick a ball with the fewest number of kicks/shots possible to score in the hole.

Depending on ability and group size, time spent on the course will vary, but allow two hours.

Please note: Dogs are not allowed on the course, but well behaved dogs can sit in the picnic area accompanied by an adult. Dogs are not to be left in cars in warm weather.

Opening Times

Check in is now at the Aqua Park reception

Term time

From 6th May - 24th May

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday + weekends
  • Closed 9th May

From 25th May - 2nd November

  • Open daily

Check Summer season opening times of all attractions and restaurant

Plan your visit

  • Prices:
    • £9pp online / £10pp on gate. Under 4's are free
    • Group price (up to 6 players): £36 online / £40 on gate
  • All sessions must be booked online in advance
  • Have your booking confirmation and booking name to hand on arrival
  • Under 14’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • We recommend group sizes of 4-5 max per hole
  • Allow 1 - 2 hours (average 1.5 hours) depending on group
  • Free parking onsite
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your start time so that you can park and make your way over to the course
  • No smoking on the course. Smoking area located in the carpark
  • No football studs or boots are allowed, only Astroturf trainers, other trainers, or shoes
  • If playing in a larger group and you see a smaller group behind, please let them play through.
  • The hole flags should not be removed from the holes at any time
  • Dogs are not allowed on the course, but well-behaved dogs can sit in our picnic area accompanied by an adult
  • Why not book a table at The Cow (onsite) and enjoy one of the best burgers on the Island!

Rules of Play

1. The aim of the game is to play with the lowest possible amount of kicks of the ball.

2. Each tee sign will explain how the hole is to be played; if there are no instructions on the tee sign you can just kick your ball towards the hole.

3. Players must play from the artificial grass teeing area only, located at the start of each hole.

4. If your ball lands on any other fairway or course then there is a one-kick/shot penalty. (If a ball lands on a walkway in between holes there is NO penalty).

5. If when teeing off the ball ends up rolling back behind the tee players may pick the ball up and re tee the ball for their next kick with no penalty shot.

6. The ball must be played when and where it stops – no kicking moving balls.

7. Playing in a group, players kick their ball in turns – If another players’ ball is in the way when playing your kick/shot you can ask the other player to remove the ball and mark the place. The winner of the previous hole plays first on the next hole.

8. If a ball is hit by another ball, only the ball that was hit must be placed back in its original position.

9. Kicking the ball must be in one movement, no resting of foot on the ball before kicking.

10. While kicking the ball, one foot must touch the ground, no jump or clamping of ball.

11. Course obstacles cannot be moved, please take care when navigating your way around the course and holes.

12. The maximum score for each hole is 3 x par (e.g a Par 3 = 3) (Par 4 = 4) (par 5 = 5)

Safety Rules

Important safety notice before you play

To the left of the Football Golf course is a public right of way, this path has been fenced off, however from time to time may be used by horse riders or walkers. Should you be playing near to the public right of way and see a horse and rider please stop play immediately and allow any traffic to pass through before re-starting play. Thank-you.

Safety Rules

  • Please remember to stop play immediately if you are playing near the public right of way and see a horse and rider. Play can resume once any traffic has safely passed by
  • Please take extra care on the courses in wet and windy conditions. The ground will be slippery when wet, this may include on the astro-turf tee off areas
  • Please ensure only one person in on the tee off green at any one time
  • Before taking your shot please be mindful of your surroundings, this includes other players and passing traffic
  • No drop kicking of the ball at any time! All shots must be taken at floor level with the ball not moving.
  • No food or drink on the course during play
  • No smoking on the course. Smoking area located in the carpark
  • Tops (t shirts) must be worn at all times during hot weather
  • Under 14’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • We recommend group sizes of 4-5 max per hole

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