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As part of Tapnell Farms ongoing efforts to go green (which we have won awards for), we love it when greener options are offered to us from suppliers. We have welcome new ranges of Eco-Friendly toys and products to our Farm Park Shop - perfect presents and gifts!

Gift Shop

The Tapnell Farm Park Merchandise is now proudly made from green materials (phasing out the plastic) From pens made from wheat straw to lanyards and rulers made from bamboo fibre. Our mini notebooks are made from 75% wheat and recycled paper too.

Building a better future..

If your little one likes Lego and Duplo we also stock an eco-friendly variation which is proving really popular.

BIOBUDDI https://biobuddi.com/ is made using sugar cane as an alternative to plastic, as well as more eco-friendly methods of production. For every set sold they also donate to their ‘Plant-for-the-planet’ fund.

100% recycled, 100% huggable...

Keel toys now provide the shop with Eco Friendly soft toys made from recycled plastic – and when we say soft, we mean SOFT. We stock dinosaurs to farm animals across this range – Perfect little gifts and stocking fillers!

The 5 S's

= Safe, soft, silent, strong and sustainable – Credentials that Viking Toy’s ‘Ecoline’ boasts. If your little one is into Dumper Trucks, Fire Engines and Boats (to name a few) why not try them with one of these gorgeous BPA free toys – again made from that love sugar cane plastic alternative. We love the un-garish colour palette too and they come in large and small sizes to suit all budgets.

Bamboo Babies...

We stock Bamboo dining sets for your little ones. Ideal for dinner at home, or lunch on the go! Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and is super sustainable – It also looks and feels really nice.

So when shopping in the Farm Park Shop why not consider some greener options for gifting, it won’t cost you the earth and will also help teach your littles the value of eco-friendly and sustainable shopping along the way!