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Farm visits do carry a very small but real risk of infection to humans. Tapnell Farm Park urges all teachers and parents to follow simple hygiene procedures (as you would with your own pet).

* Children must be supervised at all times

* Please do not eat food in the animal contact areas

* Always wash your hands after contact with the animals

* Please ensure all existing open cuts, scratches and grazes are covered with a plaster before you visit the Farm

* Bad behaviour will not be tolerated

* Shoes must be worn at all times (except in soft play area, or on trampolines/bouncing pillows)

* Clothing must be worn at all times

* Abusive language or threatening behaviour towards the staff will not be tolerated

* Smoking only permitted in the designated area (see map)

* Picnics only permitted in designated areas (see map)

* Please do not feed the animals unless instructed to by our animal keepers

If you have any questions not answered below, please contact us: www.tapnellfarm.com

To help you plan your day out, we recommend the following health and safety procedures.

What to wear

We are a rural attraction and as such there may be uneven surfaces on paths and walkways, so we advise you should wear appropriate footwear for your visit - Socks must be worn at all times while playing in the Soft Brick Area.

Children should not wear gloves when feeding or touching the animals.

Suitable clothing should be worn at all times during your visit.

During your visit

The following are some basic rules to follow to ensure good hygiene when visiting Tapnell Farm.

  • Please do not eat food within the animal contact areas. Food can only be eaten in designated picnic areas, by the bouncing pillow, Tapnell Farm Café or the Soft Brick play area.
  • After contact with animals (and before children eat their lunch), please ensure that hands are washed with running water and antibacterial soap and dried properly. Young children should have adult supervision to ensure that hands are washed properly.
  • When children are petting or feeding the animals, please warn them not to place their face or mouth against the animals or put their hands in the animal’s mouth.
  • Before you depart, please ensure all children wash their hands thoroughly one last time.
  • Please make sure that all visitors stay in the designated areas and follow all designated routes when asked by a Tapnell Farm Park Staff member.

Hand washing

Throughout the Farm, you’ll find hand-washing facilities with warm water, antibacterial soap, push button taps and paper hand towels at child height.

There are also hand-washing points in the animal barn and toilets. After each animal activity, children should wash their hands. Please note, gels and wipes are not good enough.

The following is a list of the main hazards we have identified in our own risk assessments, which your children may encounter on their visit:

  • Unsupervised children
  • Uneven ground surfaces and flints
  • Moving vehicles and tractors
  • Fences and gates which are dangerous if climbed upon
  • Animals with sharp teeth and some with horns
  • Infection from animals and their manure

Equipment / Play Equipment

All equipment is regularly checked to ensure it remains fit for purpose and results of inspections are recorded in an equipment log.

All play equipment within the dedicated area conforms to current British and European standards and is subject to regular inspections.

Emergency Evacuation

Emergency evacuation procedures are in place. All venue staff are familiar with and regularly practice these.

On hearing the alarm, all visitors must make their way to the dedicated Assembly points Cow Co Restaurant (A) Play Barn (A) Animal Farm Park (B) Straw Bale Play Area (B).

Special Needs Area

Tapnell Farm tries to accommodate the requirements of visitors with special needs. It would be advisable to ensure that suitable arrangements are in place in order that appropriate supervision and assistance is available to children with special needs.

First Aid

There is a first aid point located within the venue (see map) Our qualified First Aiders are in radio contact with supervisors/ managers and can be contacted via any member of staff.

Harmful/Poisonous Plants/Fungi(mushrooms & toadstools)

As with all countryside/ Farmyard environments at certain times of the year some poisonous berries/ plants/ fungi may be prevalent within the grounds. None of these should be picked or eaten.

Required Visitor Conduct

Visitors must not:

  • Enter areas which are not open to the public
  • Behave in an unruly manner
  • Touch any working machinery

Bad behaviour will not be tolerated, and we reserve the right to ask unruly visitors to leave.

Schematic Map

This is available upon arrival on the back of the pocket guide and a version of this is available to download on our website.

Site Inspection of Venue Facilities

Venue staff conduct regular inspections of the facilities on a daily basis and we operate in accordance with ROSPA.

Vehicle Traffic

A site speed restriction, with appropriate signage of 5 mph is in place. We aim to keep a minimum of traffic on site whilst the park is open. As we are still a working farm they may be agricultural vehicles occasionally on the move.