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Gardens & Grounds at East Afton Farmhouse

Lush lawns, heavenly hideaways and beautiful backdrops

No matter the time of year, the gardens at East Afton never disappoint. There are so many beautiful backdrops to your wedding day, and every season the gardens change - from white roses and blossom blushes in the spring, to warm tones and rich vibrant flowers in the summer. Sunset red fields of grass and crunchy amber leaves in the autumn and in the winter, the crisp light bounces off cool greens and the sky a dusky purple.

Steal a moment away from the party in a secret spot, or head out to the fields beyond for an epic sunset shoot.. Nature never disappoints.

Why not use the grounds to host your party games, reception drinks and canapes, or formal photos? The space is yours to use as you like.

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