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Terms & Conditions


‘PREMISES’: means East Afton Farmhouse, Newport Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9UF and the surrounding designated areas

‘VENUE’: means East Afton Farmhouse

‘OWNER(S)’: means Turney Family Farms Partnership

‘HIRER’: means the person(s) hiring the premises

‘HIRE CHARGE’: means the amount agreed for the hire of the premises during the hire period inclusive of VAT

‘FUNCTION’: means the wedding

‘FUNCTION DATE’: means the date of the wedding, within the agreed hire period


Your provisional booking with the VENUE can be held for a 14-day period, unless otherwise stated.

You reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time during this 14-day period although any deposits already paid within this time frame will remain non-refundable.

A non-refundable £2000 booking fee is required whilst your booking remains provisional which once received, will confirm your booking.

The deposit required, and its due date, is listed in the payment details of the booking confirmation.

If the booking fee is not received within 14 days of booking, the date will be released and will become available for other bookings.

50% of the total balance is due no later than 365 days before the FUNCTION DATE. If the booking is made within 365 days of the FUNCTION DATE, then 50% is due to secure the VENUE.

100% of the remaining balance of the hire charge is due 2 months before your FUNCTION DATE. A reminder email will be sent on this date if the balance has not been paid.

Dates are non-transferable once booking fee has been paid. Unless otherwise agreed.

Payments can be made via bank transfer, card payment over the phone, cheque or cash. Please make cheques payable to ‘Turney Family Farms’. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Please ensure the 4 digit reference and surname the booking is under is quoted when making any payments.

Cancellation Policy

The OWNER(S) of the VENUE strongly advise that you obtain wedding insurance in advance of planning your wedding which can offer all different levels of cover in the event of a cancellation, failure of suppliers, loss, theft or damage, personal liability and so on. The VENUE requires a copy of your wedding insurance, alongside the deposit payment to secure the booking. If the HIRER does not want to take out wedding insurance, then a waiver will be signed by the HIRER confirming that they understand all payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable and cancellation charges apply.

It is the responsibility of the HIRER to take out the insurance policy and to ensure you have the correct level of cover.

If the OWNERS(S) cannot perform any part of the contract with the HIRER due to any events or circumstances which are unforeseen, unavoidable or outside the reasonable control of the OWNERS(S), the OWNERS(S) shall have the right to cancel the contract with the HIRER, and the OWNERS(S) liability shall be limited to the return of any payments received from the HIRER, or on the HIRER’s behalf. The OWNER(S) may also offer alternative dates, subject to availability, and at their discretion.

Cancellation by the HIRER must be made in writing and will only be permitted without charge if written notice of the cancellation is received by the VENUE more than 9 calendar months prior to the Function Date. The 50% deposit, however, remains non-refundable.

Cancellation within 9 calendar months will be subject to the following cancellation charges:

Cancellation Charges

between 6-9 calendar months prior to function date – loss of deposit + 25% of the outstanding balance of the hire charge is payable

between 3-6 calendar months prior to function date – loss of deposit + 50% of the outstanding balance of the hire charge is payable

less than 3 calendar months prior to function date – loss of deposit + 100% of the outstanding balance of the hire charge is payable

Conditions of Hire


The MAIN RECEPTION BARN has a capacity of 70 seated/ 100 standing without the marquee extension

The STONE CEREMONY BARN has capacity for 120 seated

The MARQUEE extension 9x9m with the main barn has a capacity of 130 seated/ 180 standing


The venue HIRE CHARGE includes: exclusive hire of the barns, main house with annex and grounds from 4pm Wednesday- 10am Monday, parking facilities, 100 chairs with chair covers if required, 10 round tables with tablecloths if required, 4 trestle tables with tablecloths if required, 5 highchairs if required (must be requested), glassware for the bar only, bar facilities with no corkage options, toilets with disabled and baby changing facilities, kitchen facilities within the main house, bar staff (with the paid bar option), wedding coordinator and team to supervise on the day, lighting, underfloor heating in the main reception barn, speaker system (perfect for background music, ceremony music, not the main entertainment).

The CEREMONY FEE includes a clean blank canvas ready for your ceremony to take place. It does not include additional seating other than that included within normal hire charge.

The MARQUEE HIRE FEE can be arranged via an external company. The VENUE & OWNER(S) cannot take responsibility for any damages caused to or by any third-party suppliers- this responsibility must be accepted by the HIRER and the third party used.

The above HIRE CHARGES excludes but can be hired at an additional cost agreed by the OWNERS(S): Further guest accommodation at Tapnell Farm, discounted ferry travel, rustic ceremony bench seating, straw bales, candy wheel, extra staff members.

The use of fireworks, Chinese lanterns and such are strictly forbidden. All candles must be contained or in enclosed glass.

Confetti is to be biodegradable and is permitted in designated outside areas only. It is the HIRER’s responsibility to inform their guests of these conditions.

Smoking is not permitted inside any of the buildings, however guests can smoke in the outside areas of the courtyard. The VENUE will provide sand buckets for cigarette butts- it is the HIRERS responsibility to ensure that guests are aware of these and these are used.

Venue Access

Suppliers/accessories/decorations/table arrangements and anything other than Moor Hall property that is required for your wedding day are not permitted onto the VENUE until Wednesday 4pm, unless otherwise agreed with the VENUE.

It is the responsibility of the HIRER to remove everything from the venue by 10am on the Monday including anything that you do not wish to keep.

All guests, apart from those staying in the farmhouse and annex, are to vacate the PREMISES promptly at midnight on the FUNCTION DATE and all guests by 10am Monday at checkout. Any guests remaining after this time will be asked to leave the premises, unless otherwise agreed with the VENUE.

A member of staff will greet you on your arrival day, will be contactable during your hire and a will be on site overseeing all aspects on the FUNCTION DATE.


By signing these terms & conditions, you agree to allow us to contact your photographer/videographer directly and give us permission to use photographs from your wedding for advertising, social media & website purposes. If you are not happy with this, please let us know in writing.

No defacement of the interior decoration or furnishings of the VENUE will be allowed (drawing pins, glue, sticky tape, fixing spray or alike).

Any outsourced suppliers/entertainers must provide the VENUE with their public liability insurance certificates at least 4 weeks in advance which must be valid for the duration of the function. This legislation has been adopted from the Local Authority in an attempt to ensure that guest’s safety is maintained at all times.

Suppliers/Entertainers are to provide East Afton Farmhouse with PAT test certificates for electrical equipment where applicable. If the VENUE considers that the equipment is unsafe, we reserve the right to disconnect the power supply.

The HIRER is responsible for any damage caused by their suppliers regardless as to whether the VENUE has approved/recommended them or not. It is advised that HIRERS agree to the terms and conditions of supplying products and services with each such supplier. The HIRER is to ensure that their contractors are aware of and abide by the restrictions set out in this contract. Please note that, where NTE provides a recommendation or suggestion as to potential third-party service providers, you should check that those service providers are suitable as the VENUE will not be liable for those third-party service providers.

The HIRER is permitted to self-cater the FUNCTION. The VENUE provides a blank canvas for the HIRER to choose the preferred caterers.

Personal Belongings & Lost Property

The PREMISES will not accept liability to any lost, stolen or damaged gifts or belongings of the HIRER, their employees, contractors, agents or guests throughout or following the function.

In particular the HIRER is requested to remove all wedding gifts following the FUNCTION, as the DIRECTOR(S) cannot accept any items for safe keeping.

Any unclaimed lost property items will be kept for a period of one month after your FUNCTION DATE.

Any vehicle parked and/or left overnight is at owner’s risk and are to be collected no later than 10am on the Monday, unless agreed otherwise with the VENUE.

Behaviour & Conduct of Guests

The FUNCTION shall be private invitation only.

The use or possession of drugs is strictly forbidden at the PREMISES and anyone found taking or distributing any form of drugs will be removed from the function.

The HIRER will be held responsible for any defacement of the VENUE at the time of the FUNCTION.

The HIRER agrees to be responsible for damage or defacement of the PREMISES by the Hirer or by persons attending the FUNCTION with the permission of, or at the invitation of, the HIRER and will be held liable for the cost of repair or refurbishment which will be deducted from the security deposit if necessary.

The HIRER will be held responsible for the behaviour and conduct of guests, contractors and suppliers attending the premises.

Guests are to stay within the confines of the PREMISES at all times.

We have a zero-tolerance policy to violent or abusive behaviour towards any of our staff and we will remove individuals from the PREMISES immediately if we believe they are acting inappropriately.

The OWNERS(S) of the PREMISES have the right to remove any individual from the PREMISES at their discretion.

Bar & Entertainment

To comply with the licensing regulation, music must stop at 12am and it is the responsibility of the HIRER to ensure that any entertainer engaged by the HIRER is aware of this requirement. We have an automatic system that will shut off the power supply to all sockets in the event barns at this time.

It is against the law to supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. The OWNERS(S) and bar staff reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to an adult if we believe this is on behalf of a child or for a child’s consumption.

The OWNERS(S) and bar staff reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to any persons who are exhibiting drunken or disorderly behaviour and will remove them from the PREMISES if necessary.

The VENUE bar will close promptly at 12am with last orders called at 11.45pm. The HIRER(S) and personal license holder at the FUNCTION will be held liable for any overrun of these times. The VENUE must be completely empty apart from those staying in the farmhouse and annex by 12:30am. After this time HIRER(S) must not continue with any loud music or loud noise. This is in consideration of our neighbours.

The OWNER(S) of East Afton Farmhouse reserve the right to change the published bar selection & prices without prior notice.

The OWNERS(S) reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to these terms and conditions at their discretion and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to any such changes, should they occur.

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