Outline sketch of hares


Charnwood cow large

Who Are They?

The oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves, and part of the AJ Wells & Sons Ltd family – engineering specialists, who were founded in Niton on the Isle of Wight back in 1972. Charnwood Stoves are sold all around the world.

What's the idea behind the cow?

Charnwood Stoves mascot is their Black Labrador Dog, Rhona, who regularly features in their product photos, and even on their dealer award trophies, wearing a bright red collar. So we’ve modelled a Cow on Rhona, and added some subtle flames for good measure!

Image of the Solidairy Figcowro Cow

Solidairy Figcowro

The Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro is the world championships for solo offshore sailing. Covering up to 2000 miles between as many as five Euro...

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Image of the Glitter Bull Cow

Glitter Bull

A multi-award winning music festival located in the heart of the isle of Wight. Rob and Josie Da Bank’s yearly gathering attracts over 55,00...

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