Outline sketch of hares

Glitter Bull

Bestibull 1

Who Are They?

A multi-award winning music festival located in the heart of the isle of Wight. Rob and Josie Da Bank’s yearly gathering attracts over 55,000 party people to Robin Hill Country Park with recent performances from Duran Duran, The Chemical Brothers, Missy Elliott and Elton John.

What's the idea behind the cow?

In Sept 2014 Bestival broke the Guinness world record for the worlds biggest ever glitter ball. As high as a three storey building and topping the tape at 10.33M, the magnificent glitter ball was covered in 2,500 pieces of mirror. So, they broke the record for the glitter ball, now they’ve got the world’s only Glitter Bull! (Well that’s what we think, if you know of any others please let us know!)

Image of the Rhona Cow


The oldest British manufacturer of wood burning stoves, and part of the AJ Wells & Sons Ltd family – engineering specialists, who were f...

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Image of the Our Island Cow

Our Island

An independent school in (you guessed it) Ryde on the east end of the Isle of Wight, Ryde has been educating island youngsters from age 3 to...

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