5 Top Tips for a Happy Halloween

The age-old tradition of Halloween means different things to different people.

To some of us, it means getting dressed up as witches and wizards, and wearing skeleton pyjamas. To others, it means watching horror films, and telling scary stories. And to almost all of us, it means carving faces into large orange vegetables, and lighting them with candles.

At Tapnell Farm, we like to go BIG on Halloween celebrations. So, we’ve put together a list of 7 terrifying top tips, to help you enjoy your happiest-ever Halloween:

1. Start making your outfit NOW

October 31st is less than a week away! +If you haven’t already started working on an outfit, the chances are you’ll be frantically searching round the house for elastic bands, bits of leftover cardboard, and last year’s face paints, 2 hours before your Halloween party. If you’re taking the kids out, that means you can multiply that panic by at least 2 or 3. Plus last-minute costumes are rarely something to be proud of, however much your friends tell you they are – you’ll only end up deleting them off Facebook the next day.

(above – the not so Incredible Hulk)

2. Pick up a pumpkin

The supermarket shelves are currently stacked high and wide with the pumpkins, ready to be carved, candled, and turned into pie. But instead of grabbing yours from the self-service till this year, we’ve got a far more magical proposition for picking up your pumpkin… The Pumpkin Patch, which opens at Tapnell Farm Park from 26th to 29th October, will allow you and the kids to venture out and choose your own, from our specially set up field full of them. Grab one of our mini wheelbarrows to collect your perfect pumpkin, then wheel it back through the Farm Park to our crafting stations, with all the tools you need to carve your masterpiece.

3. Carve a Pineapple?

Yes really… this is the NEW thing for Halloween. Pineapple carving. We’ve not tried it, but looking at the picture below, other people have – and they’re pretty scary-looking!

(above image from Food and Wine Magazine)

4. Go on a ghost walk

Ghouls, ghosts and spooky stories are commonplace for many at Halloween. The Isle of Wight is often regarded as one of the most “haunted” places in the business, and has even featured on some of TV’s biggest shows on the subject (who could forget Celebrity Big Brother star, Derek Acorah, channelling “evil spirits” in the great hall of Appuldurcombe House?!) One of the best ways to take in paranormal tales, is on an expert-led ghost walk. On the Island these walks are often led by our very own legendary “ghost hunter” Marc Tuckey, from the Isle of Wight Ghost Experience. His walks take place across the Island, and unsurprisingly he is a busy man at this time of year – but we have been lucky enough to secure his services for a series of Ghost Walks around Tapnell Farm on Friday 27th October! We’ve even got a family-friendly walk taking place at dusk, if you wanted to bring the kids along (to hold your hand, and tell you not to be scared).

The Cow Co Ghost Walk Night

5. Dress your kids up for Halloween so you don’t have to

Do you really want to make a great-looking Halloween outfit, but don’t have anywhere to wear it? (or don’t want to be seen out wearing it) The solution is simple – live your Halloween fantasies through your kids, by making an outfit for them. They’ll look cuter, you’ll use less materials, and you’ll probably get more likes on Facebook when you post the photos.

(above – Elmo, taken from Buzzfeed.com)

(above – Tractor, taken from Buzzfeed.com)

(above – Oompa Loompa, taken from Buzzfeed.com)


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